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The new WAB winter edition is out!


We’re back again from Dubai, and while we’re on this interplanetary journey, we really want to think bigger than ever. We Walloons have a tendency to hide our light under a bushel—and perhaps too often—so it’s high time we grab the bull by the horns and show what we can do.

We may not have Mr Bond, but we are proud of Largo, a true modern-day hero, fighting for a fairer world. We can be proud of Pino Spitaleri’s diamonds sparkling in the Gulf, and of companies such as like Cytomine, which works in the medical-imaging sector, and other hubs that the Japanese company Takeda
is investing in, and even unicorns when it comes to predictive maintenance. I-care is becoming one of these companies, and you can read all about it in our Business article.

And no one’s going to get left behind—that’s a promise! Our entrepreneurs are standing firm in their local
bases and with their partners, all the while working towards an ever-greener world, whether through their achievements, their projects or their responsibilities. Our GreenWin Cluster, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary, has many ideas for those who will be on the cutting edge, in terms of creation, renovation, and cradle-to-cradle design. Watch this space for inspiring examples.

And finally, where would we be without life’s pleasures? Take the time to read about how sustainability ambassadors, our young artists who have won awards from Materia, the young chef Kenzo Li, or Alain Gilles happily bring together their ideas and their art, and the world they envision.

Let us take you to different trade fairs around the world, and join us in imagining bigger and better things!

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